Noemi is an Italian writer and emerging photographer. She works with several companies, mainly in the field of food, and editorials. His work focuses on still life photography and reportage, but the soul of his images are portraits, where she takes soul and emotion "In fact, the photographer engages and acts as an intermediary of the models feelings. In my projects, are the models through my emotions. My pictures are mostly in white and black because I want to just capture the sense of the eyes and of the subject itself to the color there." Her work of writing and photography traveling in tune, and she finds the words to herself through a click.

Blog: Coffe Journal

Collaborations: Cattivi Maestri, Crazy Driver Rock'n'Grill, ARS Art Space, Feeling Food, Ruggeri Farine, SOund36 Music Magazine, SoftAir Dynamics, Globe Restaurant, Kissing Venus, Love Bites - Def Leppard Tribute, Crue Infection, Cream Pie, Fallen Angels - Poison Tribute, Rock'n'Roll Tattoo Senago, Il Meccanicamente, Youtoo Digital, Pernigotti, Get Inspired Magazine, Solis Magazine.

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